first time purchasers

You CAN have nice things!

Buying art for the first time can be daunting! It’s a big investment and something that you should treasure for years. Part of my goal is to create art that is made for young collectors – affordable and durable.

Throughout my years of showcasing my art, I’ve heard countless people say “I love your work BUT”…insert one of a couple excuses not to buy:

It’s out of my price range

I don’t have the space for it

I have young kids/pets/irresponsible partner and we can’t have nice things.

Look…I’m not suggesting that art is cheap and you should buy everything, but let me propose a new way of thinking about that first one: It’s expensive and I can’t imagine spending that much on a painting.

Everyone has a finite amount of money and we choose to spend it on a variety of things. Let’s say you like a painting that costs $1000. No way around it, that’s a lot of money. Think about what it would take to save up that money – could you save $100 per week? Per month? How long would it take to come up with $1000?

Now think about what else that money could buy. How many dinners out would that be? How many weekends away? What else could you buy for your home with that money?

Now go back to how long it would take you to save $1000 – let’s call it 3 months. At the end of 3 months, would you rather have the $1000 cash, the dinners out, the weekends away or something else for your home?

The point is not to say you should buy the painting – it’s to say that this is an investment just like everything else is. When you think of how you spend your “extra” money (what you have left after your basics,) you choose to invest that in things that will make you happy. It’s up to you what will make you happy! If you think that a painting in your home that you’ll see every day will improve your mood, make your home feel “homier” and make you feel better in your home… then start to weigh it against the other things you spend your money on.

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